If you are planning to pursue graduate studies in a medieval field, Illinois offers superb academic resources and a thriving intellectual community of medievalist scholars and students:

  • An interdisciplinary Program in Medieval Studies, offering a Graduate Concentration in Medieval Studies and supporting graduate students specializing in a wide range of medieval fields
  • Many affiliated medievalist faculty in a range of departments across campus.
  • Advanced seminars across the spectrum of the field, including an annual “Spring Seminar” on cross-disciplinary topics such as Animal Studies, Global Medieval Studies, and The Medieval Lyric, and Medievalism.
  • Robust funding for graduate student research and travel, including summer travel abroad (to work in libraries or archives, visit medieval sites, or attend conferences or special seminars)
  • One of the world’s finest academic libraries, with extensive print and electronic resources for Medieval Studies, diverse medieval manuscript holdings, and a superb Rare Book & Manuscript Library
  • A global approach to Medieval Studies, embracing scholarship on world cultures during the a broad span of time in and around the millennium from 500 to ca.1500 CE
  • An annual Medieval Colloquium lecture series as well as international symposia and conferences
  • Editorial home of a pathbreaking academic journal, The Medieval Globe.

More information about the admissions process.

To find out more, browse through our program website, the website of the Graduate College, and the website of the department to which you intend to apply. 

You are also welcome to contact the Program Director, Carol Symes (symes@illinois.edu), for more information about Medieval Studies at Illinois.